The 3rd series of X's were instantly known as 'new X's' by railfans and enginemen alike. They featured a much improved cab but they could only run short end leading, reducing their versatility. Mechanically they were almost identical to the 2nd series X's except they were fitted with a AR10 alternator. The 'new X's' also ushered in the 26L brake to the Victorian Railways. They saw their main use on interstate jets and interstate passenger trains where their single direction cab was not a handicap. About half of the 'new X's' lived on the standard gauge for extended periods of time. They were the first VR locos to be used in the through running agreement with NSW.

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These models have been completely reworked from the original release a couple of years ago, to bring them up to my current standards. I would like to thank a few people:

• Matt (ATSF854) for allowing me to use his S1 X Class mesh and bogies as a base.
• Zec (S301) for his tireless scripting work for all of ATD's locos.
• Aaron (Azervich) for building the bogies.
• Richard (Scratchy) and David (Trainfan2017) for helping with the weathering on a few of the skins.








Features on this locomotive include (of which some can be switched on or off via the 'properties' menu):
• Automatic running numbers (unless specific version) 
• Changeable marker light settings (Using the VR Set Train Lamps Rule, available on the DLS).
• Visible directional sand.
• Toggle switch to choose crew either visible or not, which also rotate depending on direction of travel.
• Automatic working windscreen wipers.
• Toggle switch for illuminated numberboards.
• Toggle switch for cab light.
• Toggle switch for external lights (step/bogie/coupler).
• Animated whirly jig above toilet on modified versions.
• Animated coupler and mesh swap for hosebags, compatible with other rollingstock/locomotives fitted with ACS coupling system.
• Automatic mirrors on some versions which fold in or out depending if crew is visible.
• Authentic sounds including brake squeal, flange squeal, air brake and compressor sounds.
• 4 levels of detail to ensure good PC performance.
• Use of environmental, specular and normal maps to give realistic looking textures.



















Colour schemes include:
• VR (70's/80's/X45)
• V/Line (80's/90's/X45)
• V/Line Freight DOO X49
• Freight Victoria DOO (X49 with and X47 without toilet)
• Freight Australia
• Pacific National (each number specifically modelled to match the prototype)
• SCT X51/X47
• QRN Ex-FA, QRN and Aurizon X53/X54
• Fictional SSR X54 and CFCLA X53 (Hewi12 was happy for me to release these to the public so no one misses out )










With all that said and done, I hope you enjoy using these locomotives as much as I have making them!











*Download Files are mostly over 100mb each*

*Please note, these have only been designed for TANE SP2 (PC) and above ONLY, we cannot guarantee they will work in earlier versions of Trainz and provide no support for people attempting to get them to work in earlier versions of Trainz.

VR X Class S3 Locomotives

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