Australian Trainz Division is proud to announce the release of the Victorian Railways GJF Grain Hopper!


Hundreds of man hours have gone into this project, and as such there's a few people I'd like to thank:
- Zec (S301), for doing all the script work, enabling us to have random skin selections for both the body and bogies, giving your train more variety, as well as numerous other scripting features.
- David (P2017) and Rich (scratchy), for doing a lot of texture work, especially for the more modern variants of the hopper. 
- Aaron (Azervich), for letting me use and modify his awesome bogies.

Bit of background info on the hopper thanks to
The Victorian Railways constructed 150 new steel GJF grain hoppers at its Newport Workshop in 1972. These hoppers were numbered from GJF 201 to GJF 350 and entered service painted yellow, with a large black 'VR' logo on the side. In 1979 with the introduction of four-letter classifications, the hoppers were reclassified to VHGY 201 to VHGY 350. Later in 1987, the classification was again changed from VHGY to VHGF. These hoppers have seen service in Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales. During the 1980's and 1990's, many of these hoppers received the 'V/LINE GRAIN' black and green logos, whilst retaining the yellow bodies. In the mid to late 1990's, a small number of these VHGF wagons were repainted into a unique livery - they were orange and grey on one side with a 'V/LINE GRAIN' white and green logo, and the other side was painted blue with a reference to Carlton and United Breweries. At least one wagon in this build, VHGF 323-J, was painted orange and grey with a 'V/LINE GRAIN' white and green logo on one side, and an ABB logo on the other. After the purchase of V/Line Freight by Rail America, the VHGF hoppers were painted in an all green livery with various styles of 'FREIGHT AUSTRALIA' lettering, and later a yellow band was added. Some of the green & yellow VHGF's in this number batch also received 'ABB - the grain marketer of choice' lettering. In 2003, a program commenced to convert the manual roof hatches to pneumatic ground operated lids. New roof hatches were fitted as part of this process, together with an additional air reservoir, control boxes, dump valve and pneumatic ram to rotate a new shaft connected to the hatches. With the sale of Freight Australia to Pacific National (PN) in 2004, the PN blue and yellow livery is being progressively applied to the fleet.

We have included every possible livery these hoppers have been in, however have also added a fictional CFCLA livery, as their CGDY Hopper wagon is very similar in design. Due to some of the scripting features, these hoppers are for TANE users only and will not work in earlier versions of Trainz. Features include:

  • Animated roof hatches and load/sound effects, animated handbrake.

  • 10 randomly selected skins for the hopper, 5 different for the bogies.

  • LOD and Normal Maps.

  • Animated coupler and hosebags.

  • Automatic running numbers.

  • Taildisc or ETM optional, depending on era of vehicle.







































*Please note, the file sizes are quite big, with all of them combined coming in at around 1GB. This is due to the numerous amount of textures required!
**Please note #2, both bogie packs are required to be downloaded for the hoppers to work. You may also need to update your coupler and lamp mesh libraries manually via the Content Manager. This is done by first listing the dependencies of one of the VHGF hoppers, right clicking on both library assets (VR Coupler Mesh and VR Lamps and Discs), clicking 'list asset versions' and then downloading the latest for both (the coupler mesh kuid will end in :14>, the disc mesh ending in :9>). 







We hope you enjoy these hoppers as much as we did making them! 

VR GJF/VHGF Grain Hoppers

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