The VL class was introduced by CFCLA in 2007. They are extremely similar to the Victorian XR class in that they have the same body and cab design but a more boxy nose type. They are mechanically identical to the the XR class in most ways but are fitted with the E3B engine rather than the XR's E3C and the VL being built by Aveteq.

This model has had over a years work put into it, which in turn provides you with one of the best modern Australian Trainz models available to date. I would like to thank a number of people including (in no particular order):
• Matt (ATSF854) for allowing me to use his S1 X Class mesh and bogies as a base.
• Zec (S301) for his tireless scripting work for this loco.
• Aaron (Azervich) for also helping with the scripting and remodelling the bogies.
• David (trainfan2017) for helping reproduce the authentic font numbers and individual racehorse names.
• Richard (Scratchy) for his superb texture work, providing the realistic style weathering.
• Jamie (H222) for allowing us access to the official CFCLA artwork for the VL.










Features on this locomotive include (of which some can be switched on or off via the 'properties' menu):
• Automatic running numbers and correlating racehorse name.
• Engine load dependent radiator and dynamic brake cooling fans.
• Changeable marker light settings (Using the VR Set Train Lamps Rule, available on the DLS).
• Automatic sanding under wheelslip, including visible directional sand.
• Toggle switch to choose crew either visible or not, which also rotate depending on direction of travel.
• Automatic working windscreen wipers.
• Toggle switch for illuminated numberboards.
• Toggle switch for cab light.
• Toggle switch for external lights (step/bogie/coupler)
• Animated coupler and mesh swap for hosebags, compatible with other rollingstock/locomotives fitted with ACS coupling system.
• Automatic mirrors which fold in or out depending if crew is visible.
• Authentic sounds including brake squeal, flange squeal, air brake and compressor sounds.
• 4 levels of detail to ensure good PC performance.
• Animated 'whirly-jig' on the modern versions.
• Alternating ditch lights by pushing the ; key

• Use of environmental, specular and normal maps to give realistic looking textures.
• 4 different versions to represent the different changes over the years; 2007+ (As built), 2010+ (Modified, slightly weathered), 2015+ (modified, weathered) and 2015+ BG (VL356/VL362 as operating on broad gauge in Victoria).

With all that said and done, I hope you enjoy using this locomotive as much as I have making it!





















*Please note, these have only been designed for TANE SP2 (PC) and above ONLY, we cannot guarantee they will work in earlier versions of Trainz and provide no support for people attempting to get them to work in earlier versions of Trainz.

CFCLA VL Class Locomotives

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